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We’re here, we did it! Every time I look at a trash covered freeway median or a smog covered LA skyline, I just look up and wonder, man. I’m like, great Scott! We did it, we’re here. High five, humanity. We can’t connect with each other anymore because we’re so connected. We know everybody because of social media but we don’t KNOW anybody, BECAUSE of social media. We are liking and subscribing our way into extinction, people! And the best part is, none of it really matters. I bet it was this way back in the dark ages. I bet there were jesters and knights and all these philosophers running around going ‘MAN, it doesn’t get any more advanced than this,’ as they impale each other with swords and continue to not bathe, ever.

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Who is this guy?

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Here is a video where I wax philosophical (unsuccessfully), and where I talk about Batman, as well as Matthew Mickawohheeey (whatever…) and where I make a small exciting announcement, so watch it why don’t you. Don’t keep scrolling. Watch it. I SEE YOU SCROLLIN’, THEY HAAAATIIIIIN’. 

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elliott morgan is such a huge inspiration to me. i’m going to miss him on sourcefed, but i can’t wait to follow him in whatever chapter he takes on next. you’ve gott this with two ts