Elliott Morgan

Typical man's man.

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Anonymous asked: Thoughts on the new class of SourceFed hosts?

Oh, I don’t know a lot about them. Too busy watching new channels like this one.

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Anonymous asked: i looooove you

I bet what you feel is an affinity toward figures who have revealed to you a certain curated version of themselves. I doubt you’d feel true and deep love if, for example, you truly and deeply knew me. That said, in the broad scheme of things, I hope we can all share a common denominator of love. Until then, I’d more likely interpret your love as preeeeeference. 

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Anonymous asked: Have any fan things creeped you out or just made you think "WTF?"


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Anonymous asked: are you my father - william haynes

Yes. Your mother is white, though, so….

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Anonymous asked: Is your username on here passive aggression towards nickelodeon for spelling it wrong?


It’s direct aggression. 

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Anonymous asked: Elly-iott I went to the zoo last Friday and there's was only one dog there. It was a pretty shitzu

Why are they keeping a dog at a zoo? Why does that dog not have a family by which to be loved?